what if there's no power?

Not a problem. We prefer to plug in but for a small fee will fire up our super quiet generator when necessary. We have the power. 

HOw many people fit?

That all depends on how cozy you want to get. We've seen 10-12 people able to squeeze themselves into one photo in both the trailer and our traditional booth. Personal space, who needs it? Hopefully you're partying with your friends or people who soon will be.

But Do you know anything about photography?

Yes! Pro Photo Box is owned and operated by a professional photographer with 25 years in the industry. We are not just a rental service or a DJ company that bought some prepackaged equipment. We take pride in the fact that we designed and custom built our booths and are proud of the quality experience and product we provide.

will you fit in our venue?

We would love to find out. We've fit in some pretty tight spaces. Let's coordinate with your venue to make sure they're cool with us rolling in.

do you travel?

We love a good road trip. That's one reason we created the trailer. If you're partying, we want to be there. Let us know where and we'll give you a travel quote. Roll out!